Tired of the routine of the usual meeting places? 

Do you want to breathe a different air of originality and innovation? 

Password: The Spritz Room by Donn Beach Project: 1st bar-spritzeria without a counter in Marrakech. 

The evening secret bar-spritzeria specializing only in alcoholic and non-alcoholic spritz cocktails. 

A new sign has arrived in the panorama of bars in Marrakech that aims to undermine the clichés of cocktail bars.  

We are obviously talking about the new opening of The Spritz Room, the first bar-spritzeria in Marrakech and in Morocco. 

First of all, the name. 

The Spritz Room by Don Beach Project, tells a secret bar-spritzeria, a new, lean and dynamic concept, an elegant, limited and intimate place with an accurate and impeccable service. 

The idea was born to the Italian entrepreneur in the luxury hospitality sector in Marrakech Franco U.. 

To tell an Italian story born more than a hundred years ago as a local territorial event and present it as the result of a journey that has become a planetary phenomenon

Well, the time has come to go to The Spritz Room, a really trendy place near the center of Marrakech, precisely in Victor Hugo in Avenue Colonel Gazelle Mag.1. 

Why exactly The Spritz Room? 

Because it escapes any conventionality.  

First of all, don’t expect bright neon signs, an absurd queue outside the club, bouncers who give you a bad look and so on. 

Apparently the Avenue Colonel Gazelle looks like a classic side street of the new Victor Hugo district in Marrakech, but at number Mag.1 nestled at the foot of Mount Gueliz, there is something unusual that immediately catches your attention:  

an anonymous closed terrace and an austere door on which stands out a brass plate bearing the inscription “Mr. Donn Beach”, (American, barman, entrepreneur, visionary and father of the “Tiki” mixing technique, a way of conceiving cocktails). 

By ringing the bell near the door, after a few seconds a crack will open in the door from where someone will ask you for the password needed to enter, just like it happened in the Speakeasies during prohibition in America! 

Yes, you understood correctly, a password is required to enter, which will be communicated to you only at the time of booking (for info, rules and bookings, click on the following link: https://thespritzroom.com/…..).  

You do not book the table, but only the entrance. 

It is right from the entrance door that the adventure of The Spritz Room begins: 

Just enter to be immersed in a surreal atmosphere and understand that it is a different place with an identity of its own.  

Two small rooms, high round bistro tables, few seats (only 8), many more standing, a limitedintimate and elegant place with an attentive and amazing service, a place to drink well, but above all to meet and socialize

The furniture is tremendously minimal but original. Spontaneous colors and details. There is not the usual counter, but in its place two bar stationscocktail trolleys, like the trolleys that go around the trains, customized specifically for the venue.  

A small revolution that marks the spaces and the way of living them, of this atypical secret bar. Not a club for members only, not a speakeasy but a place open to all, by reservation

The drinks that are served at The Spritz Room are far from common: they are cocktails taken up and inspired by a long history and roots in the Italian tradition. 

Spritz cocktails and spritz mocktails by the glass and in the bottle, classic Italian cocktails revisited in Mr. Don Beach style, made with refined Italian territorial blends, AperolCampariCynar and prosecco wine, for alcoholic ones and on request also with Champagne, Gin, Vodka and Rhum. 

Fruit juices, syrups, carbonated drinks, herbs and spices for the spritz mocktail, (non-alcoholic ones). 

You will find yourself in front of a drink that will immediately strike you for the care in its construction inside the glass but even before for the organoleptic properties, deliberately enhanced by the barman, according to the flavors that belong to your cocktail. 

Definitely an out-of-the-ordinary place, recommended for those who want to spend an evening that goes beyond the ordinary and that going back in time, will immerse you in an atmosphere that is now obsolete but is making a comeback!