The Spritz 

The Spritz is a cocktail that has a long history and roots in the Italian tradition.  

Its origin can be traced back to the domination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Veneto region of Italy in the 19th century  

During this period, many Austrian soldiers were in Italy and preferred the local wines diluted with a little water to make them lighter and more suitable for their palate. 

The term “Spritz” comes from the German “spritzen”, which means “to spray” or “to drip”. Austrian soldiers began adding a splash of sparkling water to wine to make it even more refreshing.  

Over time, Veneto white wine, such as prosecco wine, has become the main ingredient of Spritz, while sparkling water has been kept to give effervescence. 

In the following years, the Spritz evolved further with the addition of bitter liqueurs such as AperolCampariSelect, etc. which give the cocktail its characteristic orange/red color and slightly sweet/bitter flavour.  

The garnish of a slice of orange or an olive has become a common feature. 

Today, the Spritz has become one of the most loved and recognizable cocktails globally, appreciated for its refreshing and slightly bitter-sweet flavor.  

It is served as an aperitif but also after dinner, to socialize, as a couple, with friends or family