The Authentic
Secret Bar Spritzeria

Tired of the routine of the usual meeting places? Do you want to breathe a different air of originality and innovation?

The Spritz Room by Donn Beach Project:                                                                  1st secret bar-spritzeria without a counter in Marrakech.

A new sign has arrived in the panorama of bars in Marrakech that aims to undermine the clichés of cocktail bars.  

Welcome to The Spritz Room

The Spritz Story

The Spritz is a cocktail that has a long history and roots in the Italian tradition. Its origin can be traced back to the domination of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Veneto region of Italy in the 19th century During this period, many Austrian soldiers were in Italy and preferred the local wines diluted with a little water to make them lighter and more suitable for their palate

Welcome to The Spritz Room